Michael Ryder(73) Boston Bruins

Much maligned Bruins‘ veteran forward Michael Ryder(73) came alive in the Stanley Cup playoffs, especially the Finals vs. the Canucks, where he picked up 6 of his 17 points (8 goals, 9 assists) in 25 games.

Folks in Boston will be quick to point out that he finally earned some of that $4m paycheck he gets for playing like he did. They are also quick to push him out of town, because of his potential asking price and lack of overall effort.

I say sign him for 1 more year at $2. with bonus incentives. Can GM’s do that anymore?

I like Ryder for the fact that he’s come all the way up from the ECHL Mississippi Sea Wolves, through Hamilton Bulldogs AHL and Montreal Canadiens and for the past 3 seasons with the Bruins.

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