Carter Hutton(30) Rockford Ice Hogs / Worcester Sharks

Undrafted goaltender Carter Hutton(30) came off a whirlwind rookie year, where as the back-up for Worcester Sharks he played 22 games due to starting goalie Alex Stalock‘s year-ending injury. He also freakishly saw time with San Jose Sharks, when their back-up goalie went down with injury and with Stalock out too, there was only one guy left to turn to. He didn’t appear in any NHL games but likely took some shots in practice from a couple guys named Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau.

The Sharks didn’t re-sign him for another season, as they kind of have a glut of goalie prospects in the system, but Rockford Ice Hogs did the right thing and signed him to an AHL contract.

Looks like he’ll be trading in that shark on top of his mask in for a hog next season. I can see it now.

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