Fight Card: Frazer McLaren(10) vs. Justin Johnson(49)

San Jose/Worcester Sharks‘ big and tough guy Frazer McLaren(10) will rise up to whatever challenger he faces and during more than one occasion in his severely shortened 2011/2012 he was called out by Manchester Monarchs‘ resident maniac Justin Johnson(49).

Injuries hindered most of last season, limiting the 6’5″ 240 lbs. forward’s availability to just 20 AHL games (and 7 in the NHL).

Manchester Monarchs‘ bruiser Johnson is always a menacing presence to opposing players. The 5’10” 222 lbs. ball of fire amassed 187 minutes in the box through 44 games played, surpassing his total from the prior year by 60 seconds.

There will be more chances for the two players to meet up in 2012/2013 as the former signed on for another season and the latter has one more left under his current contract.

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