Fight Card: Harry Zolnierczyk(16) vs. Steve Spinell(44)

Not exactly a battle of the giants: Bridgeport Sound Tigers‘ 6’ 185 lbs. Harry Zolnierczyk(16) vs. Hartford Wolf Pack 6’2″ 216 lbs. defenseman Steve Spinell(44).

Unsure of what set this one off but the smaller Zolnierczyk was feisty enough to hold his own.

It was both combatants first and probably only fight of the 2014/2015 season.

The best part of the fight though are the people’s expressions in the background, especially the guy that pops in and out of shots.

Zolnierczyk-Spinell Zolnierczyk-Spinell3 Zolnierczyk-Spinell4 Zolnierczyk-Spinell5 Zolnierczyk-Spinell6 Zolnierczyk-Spinell7 Zolnierczyk-Spinell8 Zolnierczyk-Spinell9 Zolnierczyk-Spinell10 Zolnierczyk-Spinell11 Zolnierczyk-Spinell12