Jesse Root(36) Bridgeport Sound Tigers

Jesse Root2

In his pro debut undrafted center Jesse Root(36) signed to an ato with Bridgeport Sound Tigers, fresh off four years at Yale University, scores his first and only goal of the eventual 4-1 loss to AHL interstate rival Hartford Wolf Pack.

The seemingly smaller than listed at 5’11” 185 lbs. forward may have had it go in off the bottom of his skate as he was charging the net for the scoring chance but it was credited and a goal is a goal.

In his final two campaigns of college hockey he was a point-per-game guy and won the 2013 NCAA Championship. He was also team captain for 2013/2014.

The Pittsburgh, PA native also played one season as a 19-year old in the EHL US Junior league before heading off to school.

Where the now 24-year old will sign for 2014/2015 will probably be influenced how well he does in the last 10 or so games left in the regular season; but he’s off to a good start.

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