Shaun Gould(2) CC Barons & Nikita Poliahov Privateers

Single A hockey hits the Cape in the form of the Cape Cod Barons playing in the first season of the Federal Hockey League with 5 other competing teams from Danbury, New York, Akwansanse, Rome NY, and tonight’s opponent, 1000 Islands Privateers.

The game at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center had to draw near 1000 fans and would work as a good home arena for them. Danbury draws best (they did when they were the Trashers of the UHL too) with 1700 people in the rink on average but the other teams pull only in the 500 range. The hockey is decent but I bet you any team in the SPHL could crush even an All-Star team of players from the FHL.

Still though, hockey on the Cape: bring it on.

And it looks like they are going to survive their first season and start up another for 2011/2012 (with even more teams).

Barons forward Shaun Gould(2) and Privateers center Nikita Poliakov(13) eye the puck.

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